Which mattress is better? Doctors-orthopedists recommend choosing a mattress depending on the state of health, weight and age. But this is only one of the general recommendations. If morning awakening on a new bed is not associated with pain or tension in the back — congratulations, you have made the right choice, and the orthopedist will confirm this. Do not neglect personal preferences. Someone likes spring mattresses, but someone more likes latex. Some want to «sink» in soft mattresses like a cloud, while others feel better on hard mattresses filled with coconut coir.

The assortment of mattresses in large salons is huge. In order not to have difficulties in choosing, even before going to the store, it is better to get a basic idea about the types and internal arrangement of mattresses and at least approximately to decide on their wishes.

The best mattress is expensive
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Can I save on the mattress? It is possible, but it will mean saving on one’s health. Cheap mattresses are manufactured using obsolete technologies and without taking into account the anatomical features of the spine, so after a few months of their use, you may experience pain in the back and muscles. In addition, cheap mattresses are short-lived and in a few years they will still have to be changed. Mattresses of good quality serve 5-10 years or more. They are made of high quality materials and provide the best support for the spine in a dream.

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