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Candy-candy that can amaze: in this case, the beloved is gentle and velvety, in this case, cunningly sticks to the teeth. However, I’m without exception, just as I love it in every form, of course? Today I buy thc edibles online will tell you about the events of toffee and teach you to choose your favorite variation of these sweets. The composition of molasses, vegetable and butter, glucose and condensed milk-see what like candy! Without exception, all the elements unite, then the long obesulus and cook. The acquired abundance is cooled, the beloved is made viscous and dense. And earlier after this with support for special cars with iris people make a large harness, which is cut in pieces and rolled into a package. According to the production method, the flower is divided into dense and replicable. In case if you do not adore, if the candy sticks to the teeth, and instead of this you give an advantage to the toffees, which crumble and melt in the mouth, – to give preference to the replicated flower. In the course of its production, the lingering abundance is mixed with crumbs of previously trimmed toffees. Directly thus it turns out to reach a semi-solid mixture. In the packaging of many candy that Your grace had the opportunity to note the phrases «candy» or «Fudge». According to essence, this also toffee, look only to the taste they are slightly different with their own peers with the Russian situation.

In the English States are distinguished:

toffee (toffee) — flower in the absence of adding sperm;
Fudge (fudge) — the flower with milk.
By the way, Fudge in the fruit base with the addition of nuts in the former Soviet UNION is often called sherbet.

Now, after that, as Well as your grace found out so many necessary precedents about iris, You will be much easier to pick up in the shelves of the shopping center directly this type that you like more in General. Glorious death!

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